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F.A.Q. MyTimetable for students

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This F.A.Q. is for students experiencing problems with MyTimetable, and is a supplement to the general help page of MyTimetable. There, you will find information about adding and inspecting timetables, connecting your timetable to calendar apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, as well as their own F.A.Q. in case this page does not cover your question.

Why do my courses not appear in my timetable?

See if any of the following options in MyTimetable fix the problem using the image above:

  1. Make sure you are logged in. Subjects you are registered for will only be shown after logging in.
  2. Check the period displayed according to the menu at (2). We recommend going for the Semester 1/Semester 2 display. For the options with "from selected day" make sure that a logical date is checked in the calendar at the bottom right.
  3. Make sure your courses are checked in the box on the right. Only checked study courses are shown. This box distinguishes between semester 1 and semester 2. For example, if you added a course or program of study in semester 1, they will not appear in semester 2.
  4. Note that sometimes a course has different groups for study groups and lectures. If a course appears in the box and is checked but does not appear in the calendar, move the mouse over this course and click on the three dots that appear. Select "Choose group(s)..." and check the groups you want to attend.  
  5. The same box will automatically show the courses you are enrolled in. If there are courses that you have registered for but do not appear in this box, something may have gone wrong with your registration. Please refer to this page to see if you went through the steps correctly.
  6. Check that you are in the 'Timetable View' and not the 'Room View'. If you see 'Timetable View' here, click on it to display your schedule.
  7. Make sure you have filters turned on by clicking on the filter menu. Check all types to see all activities.

Is a course appearing in MyTimetable, but is a component (such as a work group) missing? Then you might not be enrolled in all of the course components. Check MyStudymap to see if you checked all the components when you enrolled, as described here. Is a component missing? See here for instructions on how to enroll still.

My courses appear multiple times in MyTimetable, how do I solve this?

You may find courses duplicated in your schedule because it was both manually added and because you registered for that course. To remove all manually added courses, hover your mouse over the relevant semester, click on the three dots that appear, and then click "Remove all and restore default timetables." This will leave only the schedule of courses for which you are enrolled.

If you don't want to delete all manually added boxes, you can delete boxes one by one by moving your mouse over them, clicking on the three dots, and then "Delete."

How do I delete work groups/practicals/tutorials that I am not attending in MyTimetable?

You may be automatically signed up for all work groups/practicals/tutorials/etc. of a course. To see the schedule for only the sections you are actually taking, hover your mouse over that course, click on the three dots that appear, and then click on "Choose group(s)...". You will see a list of all the groups for that course. Check only the groups you want in your schedule.

If you want to remove a course or course component from your personal schedule completely from MyTimetable, you can only do so if you deregister for that course (section) in MyStudymap. Click here for an explanation on how to do that.

An automatically added work group is incorrect, how do I fix this?

It may happen that you have registered for a course in MyStudymap for a work group X, but it has been changed by the education administration to another work group Y. If you want to be reinstated in work group X, please contact your education administration office.

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