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F.A.Q. MyTimetable for staff

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This F.A.Q. is for staff experiencing problems with MyTimetable, and is a supplement to MyTimetable's general help page. There you will find information about adding and viewing timetables, linking your timetable to calendar apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, as well as its own F.A.Q. for when this page is not sufficient.

A course in which I teach appears in the course panel on the right in MyTimetable, but I don't see it in the schedule, how do I fix this?

If your courses appear in the overview on the right in MyTimetable, but do not appear in the timetable, there are generally two possibilities: MyTimetable's display settings are incorrect, or you are not correctly linked to the course. First, check the display using the image above:

  1. Make sure your courses are checked in the courses panel
  2. Select the list view. Although not necessary, this view is the most convenient to check if a box appears correctly.
  3. Select the appropriate time period, such as semester 1 or semester 2. The course should now appear in the schedule.

If in step 3 you do not choose a semester but instead choose an option with "selected day" in it, a small calendar will appear in the lower right corner where you can choose a date. MyTimetable will then show the schedule as of that day. This option is useful for courses taught in a block. You can then select the first day of that block.

Does the course still not appear? If so, you may not be correctly linked to the course. Please contact your faculty's education administration to be linked to the correct course.

Why are not all of my course's components appearing in MyTimetable?

It is possible that not all components (such as work groups) of a course appear in your schedule. This is probably because you are not linked to all of them as a teacher. To see all courses in the timetable, you can add them manually. To do this, move the mouse over the course in question, click on the three dots that appear, click "Choose group(s)..." and check the desired groups, as shown in the image above.

When will schedules for the next semester be available?

Exception semester 1: dates for semester 1 of the academic year differ from the dates below. Coordinators can already see the draft schedule for semester 1 of the academic year.

For LUMC, this schedule will become final as of March 1. Teachers can also view the schedule then. From June 22 (exception 2024: June 24) students can view the schedule.

For other faculties, the draft schedule will be finalized from May 22. Teachers can view the timetable from June 15. From June 22 (exception 2024: June 24) the timetable will also be visible to students.

The schedule for semester 1 will be released starting June 15; the schedule for semester 2 will be released starting November 15.

Is the timetable still not available after November 15? If so, your display settings in MyTimetable may not be correct. Follow the steps described under this question and select "Semester 2" in step 3. The timetable should then be visible.

For coordinators, semester 1 and semester 2 timetables will be released one month earlier on May 15 and October 15, respectively.

How do I look at another teacher's timetable?

Viewing a teacher's timetable can be done in the timetable view of MyTimetable. Via the "Add timetable" button (1), you can click on "Staff member" (2, 3 and 4). In the popup that appears, a staff member can be searched (both by name and staff number).

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